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All or Nothing…


This is why most of use fail at goals we set for ourselves no matter what aspect of life we are setting them in. It’s like it’s a built in easy out that has become an accepted part of society. How many times have you told yourself in one way or another “forget it I can’t do this!” and you gave up on whatever “this” happened to be? Fear of others’ judgement of our miss steps and this INSTA world we live there have become expectations of instant results and quick fixes, the truth is time is our friend when looking for quality results.

A year will pass no matter how hard we try to control everything else in our lives, so we might as well use the time to better our lives instead of beating ourselves up and giving up. A good example is giving up something be it smoking or soda. Even if we stumble through out the year we still consumed less then we would have if we just said “forget it I can’t do this!”….

So perhaps an All or Something is better then All or Nothing.



2 thoughts on “All or Nothing…

  1. I have found when I set goals that are too strict with the “all or nothing” attitude, I am certain to fail. I find that small baby steps works best for me. It is unfortunate that it has taken me so long to realize this. Now in my almost mid 40’s… I think I have it figured out. Great blog, keep up the great work.

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