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Getting Past Intimidation


As I sit and stared at my entry confirmation for the McDowell Mountain Frenzy 50 mile trail run the doubt starts slipping into my thoughts and before I know it I full on question my decision to even have signed up for such a long distance. I remind myself of recent success though at much much shorter distance, success non the less. I find myself being intimidated by this new world of ultra distance racing, from the obvious time and distance on course to little things like getting lost on the trail or what to eat during the race. I think for many of us who have decided its time to make a lifestyle change and add physical activity to our lives, be it running or crossfit and all in between, have face very similar intimidations. These can become an easy excuse to stop before we even get started. Lets face it sometimes its sucks being the new kid, especially when your confidence is low from years of being overweight and dealing with the judgements that can come with it. These past experience over time have the ability to imbed thoughts that everyone will judge you at anything you try. Obviously we don’t live in a perfect world and there very well may be people that do judge you, but it’s also highly likely that they have been in your shoes. It’s funny how we convince ourselves that our problems are uniquely ours and that no one else has every been overweight and/or out of shape and tried to change that and faced the fears of judgment. Luckily we live in a time of instant information and the ability to connect with others who are or have been in our not so unique situations, between online forums and shoe stores that host weekly running groups. Fill your brain with knowledge and find people that want you to be successful in your life and slowly you won’t be the new kid that is overwhelmed by this new journey to a better life….or your first ultra.

The mental blocks are some times the hardest thing to over come, but if trying to get yourself motivated is the hardest thing you have had to deal with in your life, you have a lived a pretty blessed life…..



7 thoughts on “Getting Past Intimidation

  1. I really want to run at McDowell. Javalina has been on my radar, which is this weekend. You going out there to watch or volunteer? Might pump you up about your 50 miler.

  2. Very Proud of you!!! You are always a winner to me!!!

  3. Good luck with the McDowell – if you’re ready for it, you’re ready for it! Sounds to me like you have the conviction to succeed. I’m about to book my first 50k as soon as entries open.

  4. I think our thought processes were pretty similar here. The battle in our minds is the most difficult to overcome!

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