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A little more reflection….


As I celebrate my 33rd birthday today I think about what I wrote about a couple posts ago on the subject of not controlling time. It seems that we only have personal reflection twice a year, our birthdays and New Years which I guess is like a birthday. I wonder what would happen if we had these same kind of reflections once a week or even just once a month, would we become more mindful of how we live our lives? More aware of the way we treat and judge others or the way we allow others to treat us? How much less regret or guilt would we have since we could hopefully stay ahead of actions we take that may cause these feelings? I think it’s worth a try….




7 thoughts on “A little more reflection….

  1. Wow isn’t this the truth! I know I would look at my life differently. Been trying to do so lately. Just started following. Can’t wait for the motivation to keep me going.

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  3. I’m loving your blog man! Consider me a follower and keep up the awesome inspiring and reflective posts!

  4. this reached me, thank you for your inspiration

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