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Words For Success


I came across this yesterday and thought it was extremely well stated and a powerful tool for success. I hope it serve you well.


A healthy approach to living should be effortless and enjoyable. Most experts proffer some variation of “no pain, no gain.” That phrase is 75% negative.

Decades of psychology have essentially shown us that positivity works better than negativity. Imagine your dentist asks you, “How often do you floss?” and your answer is, “About two days a week.” There are two ways that dentist might react. If she says, “You are a bad patient. I’m disappointed with your lack of diligent flossing,” this makes you feel bad. Guess the easiest way to prevent your dentist from say that to you again? Never go back to the dentist. Your health will most certainly degrade.

Suppose instead that when your dentist asks, “How often do you floss?” Your answer remains, ” About two days a week,” and she responds with “Great work! Lets try and that to three to four days a week the next time we meet.” You feel good. You’re a great patient with the potential to be an even greater patient. Good on you! That positive reaction makes a huge difference. But there’s something else going on here– the power of small steps that can take to your big goals.

When you set a goal like, ” Lose fifty pounds,” the chances are low that you’ll get there. If you do get there, the chance are even lower that you’ll stay there. However, if you set a goal of, “No sugary drinks today,” then it’s almost impossible not to gain momentum. Breaking big goals up into tiny, realistically achievable habits removes will power from the equation. Imagine that. Instead of battling your will power, you are taking steps forward, building momentum, and feeling better every day, every week, every month, and every year. Before you realize it, you’re living a natural, healthy, and happy life.

Big goals, broken into tiny habits-even if you fail at them from time to time-will add up to a whole greater to the sum of its parts.

Biz Stone
Co-founder, Twitter


13 thoughts on “Words For Success

  1. Hey, thanks for the like. I’m glad I found your blog, this is a timely post for me to read today. I’ve been stuck in a fitness rut for months. I’m going to make “tiny habits” a daily practice, since I have a tendency to get overwhelmed by the bigger picture.

  2. This is so true! So many things point to the little things in life. Just getting up and walking should be viewed as a victory because of some many sick people out there that wish they could do that and can’t. Got some great posts!

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  4. The most horrible thing happens when the doctor who is in charge of you for much more serious health issues is such a negative speaker and never encourages you on your path to healing and recovery, never gives you support with a word of hope and encouragement, and all she does is put frightenning images into your head by describing vividly what your illness might progress to, if you wouldn’t take the medication, that your condition is chronic and you’ll have to be on medication for the rest of your life (turned out it wasn’t, and I won’t have to!), etc. Unfortunatelly I have encountered one such doctor and I do not intend to see her anymore. She scared me and threw me into despair, unnecessarily.
    Thank you for your great post!

    • Doctors have very little nutritional training and fall into the trap of treating symptoms not the cause. Thanks for the comment!

      • Exactly her case. She was all about “treating” me. Not listenning to me at all and full of her medicine book knowledge, but that is not enough to treat the cause and to help the patient in my humble opinion. Definitely didn’t work on me. 🙂

  5. Love it! I didn’t realize the power of little steps until I was introduced to the 30-day challenge concept. It seems best to keep the challenges small to make sure they get done. Whether it’s just walking around the block once every day, or having one vegan meal a day. The little steps makes a huge transition easy and sustainable. It’s like a frog being boiled in water… if the heat of the water was a good habit.

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  7. Enjoyed this article. Totally agree with what it says.

    The big unrealistic goals are easy defeats… the little attainable goals build on one another for greater success.

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