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The BIG 1-0


I meant to post this Monday but it got lost in the shuffle of life…

After the week of hiccups the weekend was back on track and the best part it was an easy week on the training schedule. It’s amazing how much more time you have when you only run 18 miles between the two days compared to the 35+ mile weekends. The best part was I able to run during the day in the sun and along side other liked minded people, it was 90 on sat so not as many people but the sun was a shining. I headed out on my favorite distance, an easy 10 mile run. I assume everyone who runs has a distance that they are partial to, well I hope they do and I’m not just being weird.

So why ten miles?

It’s a magical distance, it validates, it impresses, and it’s double digits! At this point in my running life I’ve ran it many many times, but its still my favorite. It was the first distance I told someone and they were impressed…ego. It was the distance that made me feel validated as a real runner even though I was still real slow. It was the distance when I knew I would be able to complete a half marathon. And it’s double digits!!!

I tip my hat to you 10miles.




12 thoughts on “The BIG 1-0

  1. Haha I feel the same way about the magical 10! I have one scheduled for tomorrow 🙂

  2. I did my first 10 mile race last year, I liked it. Especially because there was no .1 or .2 at the end of it!

  3. Yes!! After running 10 miles, I feel so accomplished! In May, I am competing in a figure competition, so I have to hold off on my distance running. I swear I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms. By the way, thanks for stopping by Lexa’s Journal. 😀

  4. Haha, yes, I also agree that 10 miles has a “jazz hands” quality! I’m always proud of myself no matter if I ran more the day before or day after!

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