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We are in the home stretch!!


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With less then a month left in my training for the McDowell Mountain Frenzy 50 mile trail run I have to be completely honest and say I feel great! I ran a 26.5 mile run Saturday afternoon and killed my previous marathon time by over 30 mins and I was on a self supported training run all by myself with no intension on running at that kind of pace. While others may get nervous when things are going well and are waiting for the other shoe to drop, not this guy! I thrive on the good times and trust in my training and ability. I can’t worry about what MAY happen only what IS happening. At the same time I’m not being reckless, I’m not adding a bunch of extra miles to my weekly totals or trying new things. Just sticking to the plan, loving every minute of it. I have begun trying to square away my in pre and in race nutrition. At last years Ragnar del Sol I winged it and paid the price dearly with some of the most amazing GI cramping and other unmentionable consequences. Never again!

In the past I’ve always been interested in what others do as far as getting ready and their routines. I’m going to make an effort over the next few weeks to post about specific things I have done or am doing, from my shoes to how I recover. I’m no way an expert but I know what has worked for me and maybe it can give someone else a chance to pick up something they hadn’t thought about. At the same time I would love to hear what others do or have done, especially those who have experience at the ultra distances.



26 thoughts on “We are in the home stretch!!

  1. I’ve never done that distance, but I would say testing out the shoe/sock combo is a must!

  2. Sounds like you are killing it, I will be happy if I have ran a second marathon this time next year. Good luck on the race I can’t even fathom running 50 miles right now.

    • I remember right after finishing my first marathon i swore up and down I would never do this again. Now almost 4 years and 3 marathons later I’m taking the next step. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Sounds like you are set for a great race! Since I am in the final phase of training for my first marathon i am no expert. Stay positive, stick to the plan, eat well and good luck!

  4. way to do it! Can’t wait to hear all about the race!

  5. how’s the weather where you are? i’m assuming you live in Arizona. If so, you’re lucky you live in a nice climate for winter.

  6. Looking forward to the coming posts. In race and post race nutrition are things I have to keep an eye on as I keep failing to eat sufficient food to support my running habit.

  7. Awesome job on the marathon distance training run! I also like the quote about worrying – I am a notorious worrier and part of it is habitual. I must break this habit! I am working on new ideas for fuel. In both marathons, I was starving and have seen ideas about a pb sandwich. I’m going to give this a shot. Can’t wait to read more!

  8. Holey moley! By 30 min??!!! That’s AMAZING!

  9. Dang I wish my training runs went that awesome! Looking forward to your upcoming posts, I love seeing what others do for pre race prep and post race recovery.

  10. Great job! I’m running a 50K trail run the same weekend – the North Face Endurance Challenge Championship in Marin. Sounds like your training has been very diligent!

  11. My husband ran his first 100-miler in April. His biggest change from stepping up to ultramarathons was his nutrition during his training runs. You need to practice eating during the training so your stomach is ready to handle food (more than Gu and gels) on race day. Think of what appeals to you. My husband had baggies of strawberries and olives (separate baggies) for race day, and he was able to get Coke and chicken broth at the aid stations. Also peanut butter crackers. You just have to experiment with what will work for you. Best of luck!

  12. True! Best, Shanna PS Forks over Knives is a great film- as you suggest above in the comments.

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