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Dude are those clown shoes?



When it comes to story of how I got to my current love affair with my Altra ZeroDrops, I need to start at the beginning of my running journey…

As most new runners I slowly built up my distance and ran local 5ks then decided to make the leap to a marathon, specifically the Rock and Roll AZ, this decision gave me a goal and plan to continue towards my weight loss goals. During the lead up to the marathon I ran 2 half marathons and a handful of 5k. I was still in the beginning of my running journey so the results were nothing spectacular mostly just finish being the goal, but the excitement of the crowd and spectacle of it all made the pain worth it. I trained and finished my first marathon and within the next year I would run 2 more including one that was up Mount Lemonn in Tucson. This is where Altra comes into my life, I like many new runners, did some research online but ultimately turned to a shoe store “experts” for guidance. As expected they saw a big runner and automatically go straight for a pair of Brooks Beasts motion control, but once I tried them on I could immediately tell they were way to much shoe they felt like bricks. Since I have arches and a forefoot striker I was able to practically beg him for a pair of Nike structures which are a stability shoe, so I got them and went on my way. They got me through the marathons, but my feet always felt terrible after any run over 6 miles and it pushed me to a point where I wasn’t showing any improvement and I decided not to run anything longer then 5ks. A few months pass and I’m still weighing about 265lbs but I want to start really training again but knew I needed a new shoe, so long story short I found Altra’s online and saw a YouTube video or two and went for it. Best decision ever, I went totally against the recommendation on the box and ran 5 miles. It was a slow run, but my feet felt great! I started running with a purpose again and along with my new plant based diet within six months I dropped 75lbs, my body had changed into something I had only dreamed of because of running. This is when I knew I wanted to run some races with a real purpose not just to finish. I ran a 5k this past May and finished 10/246 overall and 2/15 in my division all without any focused training. It was one of the most amazing moments of my life. I decided to take it to the next level and signed up for a half marathon for the next month. This race was in Worland, WY so I was concerned with elevation. I started out easy but by the half way point I had worked my way to 4th over all and held it to the finish where I finished 1st in my division and had set a PR of all most 25 minutes faster than my last half marathon. The deal with Altras is that they are flat and have a HUGE toe box, which means your foot can do what it was designed to do. The key to being successful in them is to have a transition period to get your feet adjusted to using new muscles. I think we become to comfortable and content with where we are and get scared to try anything new, the leap I took with these shoes was totally worth the risk in my opinion.



19 thoughts on “Dude are those clown shoes?

  1. I love a good shoe, I just discovered Saucony and love, love love them. I will have to check out these when I buy shoes at Christmas. Thanks. Are you a Vegetarian?

  2. The more I keep reading about people’s running shoes the more I am reminded just how badly mine need replaced. If my arches aren’t telling me enough!

  3. Looks like the Instincts. That shoe has done pretty well at the running store where I work.

  4. My coworker is trying to convince me to switch to minimalist running shoes. He swears by them. I’ll try em out one day, but running shoes are pretty pricey to just “try out.”

  5. Wow! You’re pretty amazing, not to mention, motivating – this latest post is pushing me to start running again 🙂 I’ve only done one marathon (The Rock and Roll San Diego) and it was so much fun! I’m a big Asics fan, but I’ll have to check these shoes out for my hubby! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great shoe review I will be looking for some new shoes in the near future. I always thought zero drop shoes made a lot of sense I am glad your review proves that. I got Brooks Adrenaline GTS last time I got shoes they were pretty good but I don’t need that much support and definitely won’t in a month. Light, flat and big toe box sounds like exactly what I could use.

  7. A good shoe fitted to your activity and body mechanics makes all the difference. You go, dude!

  8. Thanks for this post. I’ve been in the slow process of transitioning to Newtons from Nike Structures, and the more I run in the Newtons, the better I feel.
    The toe box in the Nike Structure squishes my toes!

  9. Love love love my Altras! I bought them on a whim at a race expo because I love a super-wide toe box and always have trouble finding shoes that fit like that (I was already a neutral/flat shoe runner,) and I’ll never go back to anything else! Love them.

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