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The Build Up….


First let me say that the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend is the WORST! When the alarm went off this morning it felt like 3 AM not 6, but I digress.

With less then a week left until my first 50 mile race my anxiety is beginning to grow, I start to get buried in my own doubt. I question my training, my body and every other part of the process. These feelings are not new to this specific race; rather a process in itself that I go through leading up to most stressful events in my life. The thing that makes it tricky is that it turns out the rest of the world isn’t exactly on the same page. I have turned into a different person becoming suffocated by the expectations I have for myself and the false ones I think others have of me. I have started to feel like a caged animal….

17 thoughts on “The Build Up….

  1. It’s totally normal — I am the same way for any race, or like you mentioned any stressful event. I build it up so much in my head, but I always manage to survive, and normally do much better than I anticipate. Keep your head up 🙂

  2. Everyone has it, just relax and remember to enjoy the experience!

  3. Trust all the hard work you have put into it. Sending you positive energy and good wishes.

  4. You’re gonna rock it! Trust in your training.

  5. Wow, I loved your post! You’re gonna own that race!!! I’m starting to get nervous about my own first ultra this next year… I’m sure I’m going to share your same feelings.

  6. You’ve put in the hard work. Now is your chance to shine and prove it to yourself! Go get em!

  7. You are going to do GREAT!! You have come a loooong way and I am so so proud!!!

  8. Good luck just remember all the hard training days and enjoy the experience trust in yourself and believe.

  9. What an amazing goal! I am sure you have trained hard and are ready for this. Here is one of my fav quotes for running, and i’m sure you have heard it ” The voice in your head that says that you can’t do this is a LIAR”. Good Luck!!!!!!!

  10. I feel the same. But training got you to this point and it will get you through the race. Well, training and heart/dedication! I firmly believe in this recipe! Wahooo!

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