The power of adding plants to your life!

I Rarely listen to music while i run….


But when i do, its always HOT Euro-Pop! This will be stuck in your head for days….


13 thoughts on “I Rarely listen to music while i run….

  1. I kind of like it too.

  2. This is my jam! Now if I knew what language this was and what they were saying….still don’t care though! This is my jam!!!

  3. On par with “What does the fox say”.

  4. It’s Romanian. Yes, Romania has been accepted into EU relatively recently, but this isn’t a true representation of EURO POP. This is Estern European (Romanian) TRASH! 🙂 Peace.

  5. I love it, it makes me feel oddly like smiling, going to put that one on the shuffle for the gym!

  6. Same here – I rarely listen but when I do it is motivational speakers, language tape – GUTEN MORGEN….

    or podcasts

    I am out there and slow so maybe time to learn something.

    https://twitter.com/martyroddy http://bit.ly/1845meY

  7. Good solid beat, and fun song…. nice clean fun, and positive! Loved it!

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