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What a way to wake up…


With less the 48 hours until the start of my race I woke up with the beginning stages of an ear infection!

This coupled with the 35 degree start temperature and 30% chance of showers, this is going to be EPIC! The training is done the nutrition is tuned in, it’s now just time to make it happen. My expectations are pretty high as always, I’m not a I just want to finish type of guy. I have packet pickup tonight which will finally make this whole thing a reality. There is no turning back, my ear will do what it has to do and the the elements are the same for every other athlete, the hay is in the barn and the rest is up to me.

Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever. That surrender, even the smallest act of giving up, stays with me. So when I feel like quitting, I ask myself, which would I rather live with?
-Lance Armstrong



20 thoughts on “What a way to wake up…

  1. Lavender oil will help. They also sell some over the counter ear pain stuff.

  2. If it’s too late to see a doctor, go get yourself some clove oil and warm it just a bit (test it before you drip into ear, sure you know that) It will numb the pain. I suffer ear infections every winter and it’s something I always keep around for just that. It’s not a miracle worker but it totally helps. Stick some cotton in with it to keep it in place. It can be found at your local grocery store too. Good luck! I’m sure you don’t need it though, you are a bad ass and have worked hard. You have grit, my friend.

  3. Sounds like you already have the momentum to carry you through!

  4. You are ready. You’re prepared. You’ve got this! We all look forward to reading about your success and celebrating with you!

  5. Seriously dude good luck.read up on.liposomal Vitamin C. It has gotten lil ole me through a few things!

  6. That stinks, you’ll forget all about it when you’re out there! Good Luck!

  7. have a great race brother! make us vegans proud ! I know ya will! Have a good one

  8. Good luck and hope the ear doesn’t give you fits on race day! Trust your training and your plan…you got this.

  9. Take it steady in build up, drink plenty fluids and take some vitamin drinks to bolster your immune system. You have the perfect attitude to this to succeed but make sure your expectation can adapt to any changing circumstances.

  10. Hope some of these tips have helped! Good luck…sending you strong healthy vibes!

  11. Pain is Temporary.
    Don’t turn back, you will regret it-run this race, and run it to your fullest! You’ll thank yourself later!

  12. Wish you all the best life has to offerღ¸☆´, (¯`´¯) ..•*¨`*♫. ´*.¸.•´ღ¸ॐ…Namasté…ॐ ღ¸☆´♥ (¯`♥´¯) ..•*¨`*♫.• ´*.¸.•´♥…. LOVE IS LIGHT

  13. Yikes! Be well and take care of yourself!

  14. Good Luck Cody! Love you and am so proud of you!

  15. Bad luck with the ear infection – if you can get hold of either oregano oil, citricidal or colloidal silver and use those as directed it will sort it. Antibiotics aren’t good for your health and you could feel very bad if you take them but if you’ve started, so be it. I always check out earth clinic for anything health wise and they are spot on. Good luck and fingers crossed you feel well and able 🙂

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