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Recovered and Ready for More!!!!



I’m feeling pretty good after taken a week off from any real training and am now ready to plan out 2014 and figure out what i want to achieve not only race wise but also in the bigger scheme of things. I have a strong desire to hire a coach and really see what i have in me and see what has yet to be tapped into on my own. On the other side of the coin I want to help others tap into their own potentials with health, weight loss and confidence in themselves. With that being said im hoping to add a variety of content in different categories to Fat2Plant from recipes to videos. I hang out with a 2 year old all day and now that he is potty trained I need a new challenges and goals.

My recovery time has been great no stress of getting runs in is always nice and now my feet are back to normal things are even better. Everything has seemed to have healed up, I was able to drain my toes and relieve the pressure, much better. I realized yesterday how much better the holiday season will be with out having to worry about training. This is not a free pass to go nuts and eat garbage and not work out, just nothing written in stone. I guess the goal is to just maintain for 2 weeks then start my “training” for Ragnar Del Sol. which consist of nothing formal maybe some speed work for fun.

If anyone has suggestion on specific content you would like to see leave it in the comments or any other questions do the same. I’m really excited for things to come!




11 thoughts on “Recovered and Ready for More!!!!

  1. I applaud you for all the hard wok you put into staying for and healthy, and for the level of motivation you hAve to keep going!

    I have always ‘struggled’ with my weight. I have tried diets offer diets and I never seem to lose the fat on my arms, belly and thighs. I know exercise helps but what type of exercises would be the best for those target areas? It’s mainly my belly, back fat and belly that I’m really concerned about.

  2. I’ve read good things about the Ragnar series! We have a smaller scale race I’ve run here a few times, a fun day but I always end up injured afterwards. It’s the time of year to think about goals, good luck with yours!

  3. The scenery in your first photo is amazing, where is that??

  4. Im excited for things to cum, also! If you know what I mean… 😉

  5. My recovery time is quite longer. I love reading your blog and have nominated you for a blogger award! Check out my blog for details. 🙂

  6. Why do I think that potty training a two year old is your most awesome achievement? But really, great job!

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