The power of adding plants to your life!

Motivation Monday!!!!


My personal “Before And After”


October of 2006 and it was another 2 years before I decided to change my life….


Funny side note these pictures were both taken in the same room…DOUBLE TRANSFORMATION!



58 thoughts on “Motivation Monday!!!!

  1. amazing and truly inspirational!

  2. Impressive! You don’t even look like the same person….I know that visually you look different….but you look so much….calmer/peaceful/content in the second picture. As a former member of Fatsville myself, I can attest to that nearly manic feeling of always having to be “on” so that no one really noticed what I was doing to my body. haha, of course they noticed….

  3. Wow!!! You should right a book! Congrats!

  4. You look awesome! You should redo the first picture with the baby!

  5. Good for you! You must feel so wonderful and proud of yourself!

  6. Awesome…and all I can stare at is that magnificent fireplace! Nice work both ways!

  7. Amazing work. Truly amazing.

  8. Well done, I bet you look back at that person very differently now and wonder how life could ever be like that. Such an amazing achievement I’m still on my own fitness journey. I’m really not sure where it will end but it is fun finding out.

  9. Congratulations! Amazing what you achieved.

  10. What an inspiration you are!

  11. Great inspiration! Thank you for posting.

  12. That’s a fantastic change. You look much younger in your after photo as well. Good on you!

  13. WOOW! πŸ™‚ I’m impressed. Well done! Quite the inspiration πŸ™‚

  14. It is amazing looking at those from the outside … I can only imagine what you are thinking inside of yourself look at them. Inspirational!

  15. Omg! Wow. You tell you have done a lot of work. Love this! Keep it up.

  16. Looking good. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  17. Well done this is awesome very inspirational πŸ˜€

  18. Good for you! You’re an inspiration!

  19. Love this. Thanks for dropping by and liking a post on my No More Wobbly Bits blog post. Steph.

  20. Congratulations on all of your hard work! Thank you for checking out my website.

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