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Altra Ambassador!!!!



I’m so freaking excited to announce I will be part of an amazing company!

As I’ve mentioned in a past post I’m a huge fan and supporter of Altra and what they do, and now to be able to represent them is huge. I am completely honored and humbled to be given this opportunity and it’s further proof that NOTHING is impossible.

If you’ve never heard of Altra Zero Drop or want to learn more click on the links in the side bar and take a look!


19 thoughts on “Altra Ambassador!!!!

  1. Cool! Congratulations 🎉🎉

  2. Congratulations! I looked through it quickly and it sounds like a great company. Keep it up!


  3. Congratulations!!! You have a new challenge;)

  4. Nice dude! I’m a new ambassador too, and I’m super excited.

  5. Very Cool!! Congrats!

  6. Congrats!! That is so awesome!!

  7. Just cruising on through the blog trying to finish reading all the post and stumbled upon this one. A little late, but better than never, congratulations man. This is incredible and it is super cool/motivating to see just a “regular guy” accomplish so many amazing things. This is what I strive for each and every day. Keep it up man.

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