The power of adding plants to your life!

3 Day Weekend!!!




6 thoughts on “3 Day Weekend!!!

  1. I’ve failed miserably with my “fat2plant” type lifestyle….*sigh*

    • take smaller steps, make one change this weekend that you could do forever. Like eating 2 apples everyday or anything you aren’t doing right now. Simplify and I know you will be successful.

  2. I have started adding flax seed to a lot of my food! Does that count????

    • If you are doing a sustained healthy change, it counts! Build off of that and every time you add the flax seed be mindful of why you are doing that and I bet it leads to other little changes. They will start to add up I promise you!

  3. I love your back ground picture. I don’t think I’ve ever seen mountains like that. Where is it?

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