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Are you happy? What makes us happy?
I watched a TED Talk a while back about happiness and how to find true happiness not a backwards happiness that is only achieved once we get a result. This made me step back and have a personal innovatory of my own happiness…..
Our happiness shouldn’t be a sliding scale, I think or at least hope most of us are happy people, but how often do we find ourselves creating that sliding scale. “Losing that 5 lbs made me happy, but losing 15 lbs would make me sooo much happier and if I lost 30 lbs I would the happiest I’ve ever been….” And these can be interchange with anything in our lives be it a PR at a distance to a promotion at work and of course money. Now all of a sudden our happiness has stipulations and is part of the goal instead of the driving force in us that causes the goals to be achieved. Look at a child and what makes them happy compared to what makes you happy? This leads into a whole other conversation on what happened to us to lose that level of joy, and what we can do to stop this cycle….
This is the challenge I’m putting out to everyone that will help rewire our brains for the positive, it’s 21 days and super easy.
1. Write down 3 things you are grateful for, making sure to never repeat any over the 21 days. We do this to look at the positives in the world not the negatives.

2. Journaling about 1 positive experience you have had over the past 24 hours. This allows us to relive that moment.

3. Exercise of your choosing, this tell our brain that our behaviors matter.

4. Meditate, this will help us retain focus and get over the cultural ADHD that’s says we have to do 20 things at a time.

5. Random or Conscious act of kindness, when you open your email or social media pick a person and send them a message praising or thanking them.

That’s it! This can take you as little has 30 mins spread out over a whole day. If we can get our brains into the positive we will be more productive in every part of our lives by changing the formula for happiness and success. Share this get others in your social circles to try it with you and we can start a whole ripple effect of positivity!
Please leave comments on how its going during the 21 days and you can always get a hold of me with any question or comments at fat2plant(at)gmail(dot)com

14 thoughts on “Happiness….

  1. Great post, I particularly liked the part about listing 3 things you are grateful for and not repeating them over the 21 day period. I used to meditate and stopped, this was a big mistake and I need to get back to it. All good advice!

  2. This is a lovely post and some great ideas 🙂 I really like the idea of writing down what we are grateful for; it’s such an important reflection tool. Have you seen Hailey Bartholomew’s book ‘365 Gratefuls?’ It’s filled with 365 beautiful photos of things the author was thankful for each day (it was her answer to depression). A beautiful idea and not dissimilar to some of your suggestions here 🙂 – Niki x

  3. Solid list, worth revisiting!

  4. This is an amazing challenge – and something that I think will really benefit my life too!

  5. Hi, thanks for the like. This is a great challenge.

  6. Great post! It is really easy to lose focus of what happiness is and where you find it. I really like the idea of writing down a good experience everyday. Those little moments seem to pass by and are forgotten all to easily

  7. Wonderful post! I like the idea of writing down things we are grateful for each day. I have my daughter do that also. I am currently on day 19 of the 100 happy days challenge, where you post every day for 100 days something that made you happy that day. It does help us to focus on the good that is around us and remember that there is always something to be thankful for. Always.
    I really need to being meditation. I tried it years back and it did help (after I got past the point where I could concentrate for more than half a second) I need to try again.

  8. I think happiness is centrally related with the love of self. This post gave me a lot of inspiration for my most recent post, 3 ways to love yourself. I think its a good complement to this post and talks more about the joys that can come with happiness. Again keep up the great work, I cant wait to try the suggestions!

  9. Couldn’t agree more – gratitude is so important. Thanks for paying a visit to my site. I enjoyed looking at yours! Kim

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