The power of adding plants to your life!

What!?!? Broccoli Bean Burritos!!!



Easy steps to adding a ton of broccoli or really anything you have no desire eating on its own. I’ve done this with other meals besides burritos and everyone is usually pretty happy about it. Plus all that fiber is super filling and keeps you full longer!



14 thoughts on “What!?!? Broccoli Bean Burritos!!!

  1. What did you do just whizz up the brocolli? Am I missing something I couldn’t see what you did….:-)

  2. I’m a HUGE lover of broccoli. I got excited to sneak it into my boyfriend’s food, and then I remembered he doesn’t like beans haha.

  3. That’s a really good way to add broccoli, I am going to mash it up and mix it with other veggies and give it to my husband. I basically dump it with spinach and boil it until very tender. Please do share share more recipes.

  4. Wow – who knew that, you reading my blog would lead me to reading your blog on hiding broccoli in beans ?!? I have to do this more often!

  5. Great Idea. Reckon I will try it tonight

  6. Wow, I gotta try this!!! my grandma has been making an “apple” pie for years using zucchini. She uses the large ones and slices them to resemble apple slices. Folks who swear they hate any kind of squash clear their plates. It’s quite amazing. 🙂

  7. This recipe looks nice, thanks for the recommendation! 😀

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