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The Incredible Egg….?






5 thoughts on “The Incredible Egg….?

  1. I can totally agree about egg yolks containing cholesterol and being unhealthy. But what about just eating egg whites? Just the egg white contains all of the amino acids needed to make a complete protein, has no fat, is low in calories AND high in protein.

    Now, it’s certainly not a vegan food… so if it’s a matter of someone not wanting to eat egg whites because of animal cruelty, I understand.

    But egg whites are the one compromise food I eat, as a “mostly vegan” to help supplement my protein intake. I don’t consume meat, seafood, chicken, dairy products, or whole eggs. Just the egg whites.

    • If you like them you should enjoy them, I’m personally not worried about protein. If you are eating enough calories on a plant based diet you should be set on everything you need. Thanks for the comment!!!

      • You don’t worry about getting enough protein? Why?

        I mean to say, I could easily eat 1400 calories a day and not get sufficient protein (46 grams is the daily dietary goal for an adult woman.)

        I know that because I’ve tracked my food intake and realized I was consistently under-consuming on protein. It’s why I made the decision to add egg whites back into my diet.

        Have you ever tracked your food intake and analyzed the grams of protein you are consuming to see if it meets the minimum daily requirements? For a guy, the amounts are higher, I think it’s 52 grams a day, but don’t quote me. 🙂

      • Only 1400 cals a day, that’s border line starvation, if you just sat on the couch all day you burn close to 2k. We burn nearly 400 cals just sleeping for 8 hours at night. Counting cals isn’t natural and all cals are NOT created the same, but if I do a quick inventory of what I eat I would estimate i consume 3 to 4 thousand cals a day. These calories are from whole plant sources (dates, bananas, green leafies, ect.) so this is why i’m not worried about protein because i’m eating enough daily to meet all of my needs nutritionally. When I understood I have so many better things in life to focus on then food I was freed from the cycle of dieting. Be natural like the gorilla in the wild…

      • Actually, I burn about 1700 calories a day with a relatively sedentary lifestyle so if I want to lose some weight, and I do, eating 1400-1500 calories a day isn’t a starvation diet. While I was counting calories I was barely losing a half a pound a week, and now that I’ve stopped counting my calories, I have hit a plateau again and not losing anything but not gaining either.

        I need to get back to counting my calories, for me it’s one of the only ways for me to lose the weight because I don’t have enough time for daily exercise. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I will get back to my walking routine (4-6 miles about 3 times a week) and that will help too.

        In the meantime, you can imagine that on a 1400-1500 calorie a day intake, monitoring how much of it is protein is very important.

        But yeah, if you are eating double the normal amount of calories (normal is 2000 calories a day, you say you’re between 3-4000 on the high side) it’s no wonder you’re not worried about protein…

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