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The 2014 Spring Hikapalooza!!!!!


In an effort to get out and enjoy the amazing weather during the boys spring break, I’ve chosen a hike a day for the next five days that I hope they can handle. I choose the hikes out of the recently released Moon Outdoors Take A Hike Phoenix by Lilia Menconi (liliatakesahike.com)an amazing guide with over 300 pages of detailed information on hikes within a 2 hour drive of the city.

Today (Sunday) we started with a shorty of a hike with a bit of climb to test the water. I choose a hike I had done a bunch as a kid in Papago Park, called Hole In the Rock. I had forgotten how popular this trail was until we pulled into the lot and there were only 2 spots left plus I could see the crowd at the top to where the trail leads, but it was an amazing 80 degree day so it was to be expected. As we begin the ascent a tour bus pulls into the small lot and I give the “pick up the pace” nod to Sarah who is handling Lüc for this hike and we were off. Again this not being the longest, it wasn’t long before we had made it to the “hole in the rock”, lüc was very proud of his 2 and half year old self and let us all know it. Most of the crowd I saw from the parking lot had began already headed out which allowed for a little more exploration at the top, which there isn’t much to explore except the view which was exceptionally clear today. We snapped some photos and made our descent towards the parking lot this time taking an alternate route down which was a little more technical for little boys legs. Just as quick as it started we where back loading into the truck, drinking some water, and talking about tomorrow’s “real” hike…..

Stay tuned





4 thoughts on “The 2014 Spring Hikapalooza!!!!!

  1. Reblogged this on Anew Creation Ventures and commented:
    What a great idea – identifying opportunities for hikes in your neighborhood for Spring Break. Even Urbanites can come up with some great ideas I bet.

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