The power of adding plants to your life!

4 thoughts on “Episode 2 is HOT!!!!

  1. Camelback? One of my favorites along with Squaw Peak when I’m in town!
    No excuses, brother!

  2. I think it is great that you have decided to do this video series!! All three of your points are good ones and important. The mind is devious. It will come up with all kinds of ways to keep the status quo. I think structure is important as well for many reasons and one of them is that it is something to fall back on after the initial enthusiasm fades. There are reasons why someone finds themselves in whatever situation they are in. Whatever those reasons might be, they won’t go away simply because we decide we want them to. I know what my triggers for self-destructive behavior are and even knowing them I still feel the tug or the push when they happen. I have learned how to distance my mind the minute those thoughts appear and to be objective and use them as signals that I am out of balance. They mean I need to do something to make things better like sleep or go outside some place to find inspiration or do something positive and strength building instead of strength depleting.

    It is fun for me to see the area where you live. I haven’t been to the southwest although I have seen pictures. It is much different than here. I couldn’t go on a hike in 102 degree weather or at least not a 6 mile one. I have found my limit for running in the heat is around 90 degrees and that is if the sun isn’t shinning and I am carrying 2 water bottles. Looking forward to the next video!

    • Thanks for watching and commenting!! I was pushing the limit that day for sure, they actually had to recover a body the day before I did the hike and there were a bunch of news trucks reporting about the danger of hiking in the summer. He was from out of town and wasn’t prepared and it cost him his life. SO BE SAFE OUT THERE!!

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