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I swear I’ve some new stuff a coming!!!

Its been a long summer of adventures (there was a bear involved) and fun, so much fun I guess I got lazy on the documenting it! I promise I’m coming back refreshed, recharged and ready to change some lives!!!!


In the mean time check out all the NEW stuff from my people at Altra, they have some amazing stuff that may blow your mind!!!






Hikapalooza the Fifth Day!!!

What a difference a day makes….

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Today I didn’t pick the trail until this morning and decided on one I had done before and was pretty comfortable with, I went with the Kiwanis Trail in the South Mountain park system. The funny thing with this trail is that last week when I started thinking about this hike a day for spring break I thought this trail would be to long and challenging for the boys at 2.7 miles in length. Well with a technical 5 miler and two other 2 plus milers under their belt this now seemed like a very doable hike for these super trekker kids. The backpack was double checked and we loaded up and headed to South Mountain with a quick stop at Circle K to refresh my depleted gum stash. Taking the trip through South Phoenix is always full of interesting things and people even at 8:30 in the morning and just like that you go from the city to a huge nature area.

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I was happy to see only 3 other cars in the small lot at the trail head as today was going to be a take our time and no rush type of hike. Everyone had good attitudes and only Munch had to pee so things couldn’t get much better. Once I got Munch situated behind a bush to handle his business I got the other 2 some gum and then we hit it. I had already figured I was going to be carrying Luc more then normal with his little legs tired from a week of adventures, but it turned out to be most of the day. The perks of being a super special two year old… This was the first hike where we were able to see petroglyphs on the rocks not far off the trail but far enough after the snake nobody dared explore. The weather was perfect in the ravine that our hike lead us through mostly shade with some sun patches. As we made our way up the trail before we knew we were climbing the last bit up to the main road that ran through the park. This where a vote was taken we carry on across the street and jump on the National Trail and finish up at the 85 year old rock building on the top, Munch voted yes and Drew said nay and the yes’s had it. Drew slightly dejected fell in behind us as we headed up the last little bit of climbing for the day, the reward of a snack kept the pace up and with Luc in my arms we made it lickity split. Once at the top you could see how much crap was in the air today more than normal for sure, a quick photo and some water plus the much anticipated snack everyone was ready to head down and call it a day. With very little traffic we were able to knock out the return in almost half the time plus with Luc on my shoulders for all but the last 100 yards it the day was done. With only a couple minor falls and some very knotted shoulders today was the kind of mellow no stress hike the boys need to avoid becoming jaded about hiking. Today was nearly perfect and will be hard to top but we shall see what tomorrow holds….

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Back Yard Farming Friday!!!!

The biggest irony of my life is that I’m plant based and I have chickens that lay lots of eggs, and I’ve never eaten one!  At this point if I was ever to go back to eating animal products I don’t think I could eat eggs again, the egg/pooh hole is one in the same….

I now present to you my girls doing what they do, turn up the volume and enjoy!



Are you happy? What makes us happy?
I watched a TED Talk a while back about happiness and how to find true happiness not a backwards happiness that is only achieved once we get a result. This made me step back and have a personal innovatory of my own happiness…..
Our happiness shouldn’t be a sliding scale, I think or at least hope most of us are happy people, but how often do we find ourselves creating that sliding scale. “Losing that 5 lbs made me happy, but losing 15 lbs would make me sooo much happier and if I lost 30 lbs I would the happiest I’ve ever been….” And these can be interchange with anything in our lives be it a PR at a distance to a promotion at work and of course money. Now all of a sudden our happiness has stipulations and is part of the goal instead of the driving force in us that causes the goals to be achieved. Look at a child and what makes them happy compared to what makes you happy? This leads into a whole other conversation on what happened to us to lose that level of joy, and what we can do to stop this cycle….
This is the challenge I’m putting out to everyone that will help rewire our brains for the positive, it’s 21 days and super easy.
1. Write down 3 things you are grateful for, making sure to never repeat any over the 21 days. We do this to look at the positives in the world not the negatives.

2. Journaling about 1 positive experience you have had over the past 24 hours. This allows us to relive that moment.

3. Exercise of your choosing, this tell our brain that our behaviors matter.

4. Meditate, this will help us retain focus and get over the cultural ADHD that’s says we have to do 20 things at a time.

5. Random or Conscious act of kindness, when you open your email or social media pick a person and send them a message praising or thanking them.

That’s it! This can take you as little has 30 mins spread out over a whole day. If we can get our brains into the positive we will be more productive in every part of our lives by changing the formula for happiness and success. Share this get others in your social circles to try it with you and we can start a whole ripple effect of positivity!
Please leave comments on how its going during the 21 days and you can always get a hold of me with any question or comments at fat2plant(at)gmail(dot)com