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Its never too late to make changes!

Where has the time gone?

Adventures have been had, races have happened, 100 day running challenges have been completed, and dozens of other things have been experienced since my last “real” post almost a year ago!!! Much like many other bloggers you miss one day then two then a flippin year passes, I missed it and many times I sat down in front the computer wanting to knock out a post, but failed to produce anything maybe I was distracted or simply didn’t feel I had anything worth sharing with the world. Whatever the reason it’s not a problem unique to me, but I’m okay with that because I’m BACK.

I could do a recap of the past year, but I know I wouldn’t capture many of the details and I would probably be done with this as fast I started back up…

Soooo I picked the 2 biggies over the past year, my relationship with running and my body, which I guess go hand in hand and probably had a bigger influence on my lack of posting than I realized until just this moment.

I had seen so many other runners that had done and some still doing run streaks of consecutive days. I decided last fall that I would do my own 100 days of running with a one mile daily minimum, how hard could it be… At first no big deal school was back in session so i could go to the gym and knock out a mile or three on the treadmill or a quick run around the block again no big deal. Then I got to around 30 to 40 days and the streak started to take a toll, not on my body but my mind. It became a chore or a job not the escape that running had been in the past when I could just go out and be alone with my thoughts and enjoy the solitude. Instead now it was putting in “junk” miles just to get done plus I had a corresponding Instagram post for the day that just added to the stress, because I felt if I didn’t document it wasn’t going to count. I was becoming neurotic about it border line OCD and me and at around day 75 I knew running and I were headed for a separation very soon.  Day 100 totally by chance landed on the Ragnar Trail Relay, on last day I would at least be running for a reason besides it being the final day of the challenge. For the 30 hours out there in the desert i had a great time and did have a good time and lots of fun racing in the middle of the night, but like many relationships things couldn’t be fixed with one fun night.  I decided to focus more on hiking and exploring with the family, which was always more fun anyways. I was lucky enough to get picked up by Altra as an ambassador again and had already committed to run the Ragnar Del Sol relays in February. I had a couple runs between in month leading up to the race but was nowhere near where I needed to be for a road half marathon plus two more legs after that. To run at a level I had the year before compared to this year was another blow to my feelings about running.

Now this breakup with running happened 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season, my timing couldn’t have been any worst. Thanksgiving started with a trip to Denver and merriment was had by all, many or maybe too many adult beverage were had but one fun weekend wasn’t going to destroy my waist line. It turned out it would take a about 5 months to do that and destroy is a very relative term I guess. Happiness and being content with life can be as bad as being depressed and unhappy when it comes to making healthy lifestyle choices. Lucky for me my choices were pretty incredible before that me slipping was still healthier than most of America, but I wasn’t moving my body as I once had and now I was enjoying craft beers on a more regular basis. I wasn’t getting plastered or out of control and i don’t have a drinking problem but I do have an eating problem when I do drink and the volume of food i consumed sky rockets after a couple of beers. Again I was 95% plant-based with a couple of sushi happy hours filling that other 5% during this time of excess. I don’t know what the damage has been in pounds because I learned long ago not weigh myself when I obviously know I have gained weight, but I do know that my clothes are tighter and my times are slower. I’ve put on some weight just like millions of other people who continue to battle the bulge.

Now I have been given and amazing opportunity to “transform” again but this time I get to track and document it all for whoever wants to watch. I have the desire to run again I crave it, I have gotten some runs over the past few weeks and i felt terrible but I missed it. With the runs comes the need to fuel my body with whole foods that are water and nutritionally dense, watermelons have returned as a staple in my house. I love having the feeling of control again, know one else can force us to want to make changes, it is personal decision that comes from within.

I want everyone to see and understand its never too late to make changes, no excuses, no dwelling on the past, it’s all about today!!!

Keep Moving Forward!

Keep Moving Forward!



Make or Break

Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.
-Mike Tyson

As I sit here having some new found weekly reflection time, I look back on how incredibly off track this week was and the discovery that my training program and my race date are off by about 3 weeks in a bad way. It’s tough enough to maintain clean eating and focus on training when it’s your birthday it’s a whole other thing when your wife’s birthday is 5 days later with the weekend perfectly placed between the two. I made it through my day pretty unscathed but once the weekend hit things started getting cray, as the kids say. I was able to get my big runs in on Saturday and Sunday totaling 35 miles for the weekend. Then came Sunday night and the big birthday dinner at my parents house. The menu, mexican food, and it was awesome and almost all plantbased. From an amazing quinoa salad to a black bean sweet potato chilli plus all the chips and homemade guacamole and salsas, as expected from my dad. Though vegetarian it was much more calorie dense and sodium rich then I would eat normally, but non the less top notch cuisine. We ate like kings and I was good with that, but then came the literally 4 gallon sized ziplock bags and a Pyrex dish worth of left overs. The next morning I made the decision to rest except to ride my bike to the store for groceries. One of the great things about eating mostly fruit and vegetables is that I can eat all I want all day with no ill affect. The unfortunate thing is that my mind set didn’t stray from the habit of grazing with my fridge full of goodness, I slowly found my way eating bowl after bowl through out the course of the day until I had cleared just over half of my haul. Tuesday was my wife’s birthday and already knowing that we weren’t going to have the “cleanest” of meals that evening I still felt it was my mission to reach the finish line and make sure the rest of the left overs were finished, go big or go home I guess. This is where things really start to unravel. I did the unthinkable, I skipped a scheduled run, oh the shame, but I was quick to rationalize it with the birthday thing and I was going to hit up a spin class in the morning and run that night, no big deal I thought. It ’twas a new day I was ready to get back to it. I head to the gym, ironically on my bike to go ride on a bike that doesn’t go anywhere, with my 2 year old in tow. My enthusiasm was quickly killed by a large group of toddlers that filled the kids club to maximum capacity. “No worries I have tonight to run” I tell this to myself a few times. Once home I begin looking at my training schedule and realize I have eight weeks left of training but my race is under six weeks away. “No worries I have tonight to run,” well guess who forgot about “girls night” for my wife’s birthday? At about 10:15 that night I knew I wasn’t running. I couldn’t remember the last time I hadn’t worked out for three days in a row, and eaten so terribly to boot. Now I could be a total mess and be angry and disappointed with myself, but for what? I’m not getting those days back, I can only move forward! Today I awoke knowing I need to have better back up plans, during my giant green shake (extra green today) this morning I made the plan. First I’m going to fill the house with an extra amount of fresh fruit and vegetable to “clean” my system and second I went old school circa 2005 with P90 and banged out a workout, the bleeding has been at least slowed now. Tonight after trick or treating and candypolluza starts, I will run, my legs should be fresh from the break so I plan to ad an extra 2 miles to what was already scheduled. Time with our loved ones is not guaranteed so how can I be angry about that, three days is nothing in the scope of life. I will be back on track by Monday and will figure out how to fix those two weeks of training I don’t have any more.

Don’t sweat the small stuff…..