The power of adding plants to your life!

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I swear I’ve some new stuff a coming!!!

Its been a long summer of adventures (there was a bear involved) and fun, so much fun I guess I got lazy on the documenting it! I promise I’m coming back refreshed, recharged and ready to change some lives!!!!


In the mean time check out all the NEW stuff from my people at Altra, they have some amazing stuff that may blow your mind!!!






Back Yard Farming Friday!!!!

The biggest irony of my life is that I’m plant based and I have chickens that lay lots of eggs, and I’ve never eaten one!  At this point if I was ever to go back to eating animal products I don’t think I could eat eggs again, the egg/pooh hole is one in the same….

I now present to you my girls doing what they do, turn up the volume and enjoy!


When being selfish is selfless…

The need to take care of ourselves has been put on a shelf in a closet next to everything that one day we promise ourself we would do. We all have things going on in our lives that keep us busy and people in our lives that rely on us as partners, parents, and friends. This can make obtaining personal health seem like its almost impossible to achieve with the already huge load of responsibility we carry. It’s much more convenient to pickup dinner then to cook a meal and have to clean up afterwords. We work all day and then come home to the craziness of homework and school projects that were forgotten about until the night before, it wears us down. We put the weight of the world on our shoulders for our family and make sure they are taken care of and neglect ourselves in the name of selflessness. Then the unthinkable happens and we have a major medical issue that puts us down for a bit or worst kills us, this may seem extreme but it happens everyday 600k Americans die every year from heart attacks. This isn’t a fat vs skinny issue it’s a health and taking care of ourselves so we can be there for our loved ones. But where do we find the time in our packed schedules? The best way to find time is to literally write out your whole day, make a log of what you do for 2 or 3 days. Track the amount of time spent on each thing you do and you will be surprised how much time be doing something with a more positive effect. From watching tv to checking social media to sitting in traffic. There doesn’t have to be a go for broke change of the life like the Biz Stone piece I posted earlier little steps lead to big changes. Little things like contracting your abs at stop lights to work on your core to getting up during commercials and walking around your living room until the program returns, it may sound stupid but it’s something you wouldn’t of done before. Then comes the food we put in our bodies and more then likely provide for our families, diet is the reason so many are dying. Again make the small steps instead of thinking about what we need to stop eating what if the focus was on adding things. Having a sliced cucumber or a salad with the standard American diet meals we eat, it’s the start of being mindful of how we fuel ourselves, Building a solid foundation is key to success with anything we do in life, its not realistic to go to bed out of shape and wake up the next morning and run a marathon. This isn’t a quick fix weight loss gimmick this is first steps down the path of health. Our health and our energy levels go hand and hand and hand we are designed to thrive when we are at our healthiest.

There is a reason we are told to put our oxygen masks on first….